Sunday, January 23, 2011

Office Depot & The Free Gift Card

After goofing around most of yesterday I finally got my coupons, lists, and gift cards ready to go. My first stop was Office Depot to get more ink for the hungry printer and use my $10 off $50 coupon. They had a good deal of organizational things on sale last week, which was great considering my significant lack of organization in general. I quickly managed to fill up my cart with many pink and colorful things! I've even started organizing already!!

2 Pink File Totes
2 Boxes Multi-Colored Hanging Folders
1 Canon XL Black Ink Cartridge
1 8" Shears
1 Box Jumbo Paper Clips
3 Pink Sharpies
3 Pink Plastic Envelopes (Great for separating your coupons and lists when you go shopping!)

Total $55.97
Less $10 coupon
Less $30 gift card I won for FREE
Grand Total Out of Pocket $15.97

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