Sunday, January 23, 2011


Armed with a giant stack of coupons and my trusty list I ran over to Target last night after my Office Depot trip, to get just a few things... I was in a hurry since I was running late to go celebrate my mom's birthday, but I just could not miss some of the deals that ended yesterday. (Sorry mom!)

I bought a LOT of stuff, so I just took a representative photo to give you an idea (and I already put some of it away). This is going to be a kinda long list, if you just want to know the end result you can scrolly scroll down.

1 Up & Up Baby Wipes
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Starter Kit
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Gel Toilet Cleaner
5 Tide Single Load (Travel Item)
2 Xhiliration $1 Socks
1 Xhiliration 3 pack Trouser Socks (which was apparantly on sale for $1 but was marked $5 - SCORE!)
1 Fiber Plus Bars
4 Classico Pasta Sauce
1 Little Debbie Valentine Heart Cakes
1 Jimmy Dean D'Lights
12 Weight Watchers Frozen Entrees
2 Jello Pudding & 2 Jello Jello
1 Garnier The Brusher Gel Cleanser
6 Reach Dental Floss
2 Glad 84 count Trash Bags w/Febreeze
1 Up & Up Paper Plates
1 Swiffer Wetjet
1 Downy 150 Load Fabric Softener
1 Up & Up Eye Drops for Contact
1 Up & Up Multipurpose Contact Solution 2-pack

Total $85.68
Less $25.00 Gift Card (Christmas Present)
Grand Total Out of Pocket $60.68
Total "Saved" $81.58

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