Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get Your Roll On (and I don't mean deodorant)

Pre-Event Dining
You gotta feed your couponing machine! Husband and I had a nice dinner out last night, we used my $20 Applebee's gift card from mother's day and only spent $15 (including tip)... I can't believe they charge so much for drinks! Our waitress appeared to be pretty young and was kinda dorky which my hubby thought was awesome. She was nice so we made sure to tip very well. The stuffed meatballs was really yummy if you're looking to try something new.

Event Planning
Next it was on to shopping, but first I had to come home and sort out the coupons and lists. It took me longer than I expected so we barely made it before midnight, and they were out of everything on my list and there was a HUGE line. No big deal, wasn't anything I couldn't live without so I started gathering the new weeks items and much to my disbelief they were already out of many of those as well. How could that be? The sale just started 5 minutes ago.... well turns out part of that huge line was people who got there early waiting for midnight. More great news, the store's order day got switched to Tuesday so they wont get more paper towels or Crackerfuls until then (so much for the 2 day sale, good job Walgreen's).

The Main Event
Turns out the register was having an issue and not printing the reward for the Crackerfuls, so while we all waited for that to sort itself out I met one of the other couponers "The Harrah's Lady", who turned out to be kinda new to couponing and really a sweet gal! We ran all over the store looking for some of the RR items that seemed to be non-existent and our popcorn filler items. Somewhere in there I managed to find more of the Crackerfuls, yay! I had so much fun talking to her about coupons and finding deals, and our husbands. My hubby always tries to help in his own way, but he is just not into the couponing thing and it was awesome to speak with a live human being about it who actually understood what I was saying. I also sort of met the one I call "Disappearing Lady", she seemed a little cranky (I was getting there myself after waiting so long for the registers to act right and fighting all the drunkies coming in from the casino for Pringles). She would be waiting at the register with us, then suddenly gone for 20 minutes, then magically reappear... she must be related to Houdini.

The Harrah's Lady and I spent about an hour searching for things in the store, gabbing, and waiting for the register to stop being stupid. Finally it started printing the rewards and thus began the longest checkout ever. The other 2 ladies had crackers (and other things) to return and repurchase and I had 9 separate transactions to get through. Did I mention the store was the busiest I have ever seen it in the middle of the night on a Saturday? I've been midnight shopping for a while now and I was shocked by the constant stream of people in the store. It took over an hour to complete my purchases, and my poor hubby was waiting the whole time, completely exhausted and wanting to go to bed. I bought him a candy bar as a little apology/thanks.

I do not think any of us would have made it out alive if it hadn't been for the awesome cashier, Katie! She is so incredibly patient and flexible which helps me keep my cool with all the craziness going on in the store. I wish she worked every Saturday overnight, but she certainly deserves her Saturdays off!

The Nitty Gritty
Its another great time to stock up on paper towels folks... if you can find them. We spent a total of $9.31 and "saved" $82.28. Not too shabby! Since they ran out of Crackerfuls I ended up leaving with a $0.99 RR, which if I can find the darn crackers I will be using on them with my $1 coupon to get them free (and they come with a $2 RR)!

Check out the photo and shopping list I used to score all these great deals! I like to figure out a couple of transactions of things I want or need and any potential money makers and then I roll them until Im out of coupons. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions and hopefully my list will help inspire you to get your roll on too!

A big thanks to Clippin with Carie for all the hard work doing the match-up!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Deals at CVS This Week

Quick update. I ran by CVS over the weekend with my $17 in leftover ECB and scored 6 nail polish, 6 Sobe, 8 2L of soda, 3 bags of Tostitos, 2 bags Doritos, and 3 Tostitos dips for about $10 and I got a $10 gas card for FREE!

There are lots of sweet deals, and maybe even a couple money makers at CVS this week. Check out the deals on Clippin' with Carie.

Friday, May 13, 2011

What's That? You Don't Have Time To Coupon??

It's a sad excuse I hear so often, and I admit it was mine at first too. The past couple week's shopping trips, especially yesterday and today, should be a shining example of how much money you can save if you put in a little effort. It only takes one trip to get hooked, so what are you waiting for?

Last night I ran by Walgreen's on my way home and here is what I picked up for $3.33 (savings of $31.09). I started out with $3 RR from the other day and used my coupon for FREE John Freida foam hair color and got $2 more in RR that I used with my coupon to pay only about $1 for the razor. Then I got the $5 RR for buying the razor that I used to pay for most of the toilet paper! Oh yeah, and I got another $3 RR to use later!

I originally had a much larger list, but a few of the items on it either weren't sold at my store or someone was really confused when they did the match up. Lucky for me I forgot to print my list so I took my laptop in with me and was able to move things around on the spreadsheet and make them work. For this trip I started out with $16 in ECB from various trips in April and my $5 off $25 coupon. I spent a grand total of $0.55 and left with $17 in ECB! That's $101.76 in savings! Also on my receipt my YTD savings... $747.47.

Anyone need some air freshener?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twilight Shopping - When Vampires Sparkle

Last week I had a heck of a time coming up with a viable deal scenario for Walgreen's. There were some awesome Register Rewards, but I just couldn't combine them in such a way that I felt was worth the money I would be spending. I must have written it out 10 different ways. I was determined not to miss out on another toilet paper deal so at 11:30 we drove like banshees to the 24 hour store. Luckily they were out of pretty much everything I wanted. Why is that lucky? Glad you asked.

After I came home, I was utterly disappointed in missing out yet again on cheap toilet paper so I started looking around online for the next big deal. Much to my surprise the toilet paper deal was still on, and so was the Gillette razor deal, there were also a couple new deals on toothpaste and toothbrushes that made for a winning combination. Then, oh my goodness, there was free body wash... body wash that smells so good it makes me feel hungry. Awesome.

I went to two different stores this morning, the first at 5 AM (back to the 24 hour store - and no I didn't sleep last night), and then I made sure to get to the other store right as they opened at 7 so I could actually get some more of the body wash. I scored everything you see below for $25.92 and I saved $181.56!!! That's 88% savings! Click HERE for a detailed list of my transactions along with a summary of the items and coupons used.

In the end I think I did pretty well, however I will warn you that you may have issues at the Old 94/Muegge store using a B1G1 coupon with the B1G1 sale. My twit of a cashier refused to take my coupon so I had to pay retail *cringe* for one of my body washes, and then the body wash didn't ring up right, so he thought he would just use my coupon. I said "uh no, its already supposed to be buy one get one free so you are not using my coupon" and I snatched it back from him. Not one of my finer moments, but I really dislike being argued with and for some reason he kept hopping around like he had to go #1. LOL.

Letting Husband Do The Cooking

I've been busy trying to stock up on juice and protein bars and protein shakes, I realized that when Im on a liquid or mostly liquid diet I am not going to feel like cooking food for my husband that I cant even eat... so I've also started trying to stock up on easy food my husband can cook for himself. I've spent quite a lot already this week, but my deep freeze is better than half full again so thats nice.

I don't have a picture of my grocery trip but according to my receipt from Schnucks I saved $115.62 and spent $101.70 (53%) for 90 items (thats like getting everything for only $1.13 each)! The cart was overflowing, it was awesome.

This morning I ran to Dierbergs for a few things and picked up 10 Propel water, 2 2lb Strawberry crates, 1 Wholly Queso, 5 Coke 2L, and 1 Sundrop 2L for $12.50. I dont know what I saved because the receipt doesnt show it, but I had $11.99 (49%) in coupons.

I still haven't made it to Shop and Save, where I plan to get a ton of Lean Pockets for his lunches, and Im kicking myself for not making it on Thursday since I have a list of about $75 worth of stuff (AFTER coupons).

Stay tuned for another totally freaking awesome Walgreen's trip in my next post.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Is For Saving

I didn't get all my shopping done this weekend, but I did make a trip to Target last night trying to use my coupons before they expired. Got a lot of awesome deals! I spent $42.11 after tax and my Red Card and saved $45.50! I think I found my new favorite cashier, not very good with the small talk but he makes sure all my coupons go through and doesn't give me a hard time about having multiples.

All that deal hunting and a total fail at Walmart for my Flat Iron Challenge exhausted me and I think made me a little sore. I should start doing shopisthenics to get in shape.

Scotch Fur Fighter
Purex Crystals
Crystal Light
$1 OFF 3
Special K Protein Bars
$2 OFF 2
$1 OFF 2
Special K Protein Drinks
Hostess Strawberry Cupcakes
Golden Grahams Bars
Mio Water Enhancer
Skittles Blenders
$0.50 OFF 2
$1 OFF 2
Tide Single
Got 2B Glued
Pantene Detangler
Olay Body Wash
$1 OFF 2
Olay Body Wash
Secret Deodorant

Saturday, April 30, 2011

How To Roll With It

Starting tomorrow, May 1, at Walgreen's there will be some pretty excellent sales with Register Rewards.

First, head over to Clippin' with Carie's website and check out this week's Walgreen's ad match up, lots of awesome deals next week so go pick yours out and print your shopping list.

Here is a simple example of how you can roll your rewards to maximize savings. Your deal strategy may differ based on the items you need for your household, but this should hopefully give you some inspiration. (Prices do not include tax.)

1 Noxzema Disposable Razor 4 pack - $3.99
Use the $2 coupon from the May 1 RedPlum insert
PAY $1.99 AND GET A $3 RR

1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual or Power Razor - $9.89
1 Padded Mailer or Scotch Tape $0.39 with in-ad coupon (filler item)
Use the $4 coupon from the May 1 P&G insert
AND use the $3 RR from transaction 1
PAY $3.28 AND GET A $5 RR

2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12 packs ("Large" rolls) at $5 each - $10
1 Padded Mailer or Scotch Tape $0.39 with in-ad coupon (filler item)
Use 2 $0.50 coupons printable HERE (can print 2 per computer)
AND use the $1 Cottonelle Coupon from the Wag's May Coupon Book (available in-store) - takes off $2
AND use the $5 RR from transaction 2
PAY $2.39 AND GET A $3 RR


You could stop here and leave the store with $3 in RR for your next trip... or you can keep rolling the rewards for other items that also have RR deals, or spend the $3 on a splurge for yourself (or if you wanna be practical you could pick up some other household products you may be low on).

If I wanted to continue this roll I might pick up some the Right Guard Total Defense Deodorant for $2.99 with a B1G1 coupon paying only for a filler item and getting another $2 RR. Then I might grab some GUM Eez-Thru Flossers for $2 and use the $2 RR to pay for them (no filler needed) and get another $2 RR. Nearly endless possibilities, have fun with it!

Happy Shopping!

Important reminders about using mfg coupons and Register Rewards

  1. Know the store's coupon policy! Bring a copy with you in case of any issues!
  2. To get the most savings you will have to do more than one transaction
  3. You may need access to multiple computers to print multiples of on-line coupons or multiple Sunday papers for duplicates of coupons (or you can try a clipping service).
  4. Do NOT expect or count on the cashier to know which products have a monthly coupon book or in-ad coupon available - to have the smoothest experience have all your coupons separated by transaction and ready to go before you head to the store
  5. Register Rewards are mfg coupons. Walgreen's does not allow more mfg coupons than items per transaction. Coupons for an amount off  2+ items count as a coupon for each item. When using a RR with other items you have mfg coupons on you may need to buy an inexpensive additional item so your mfg coupon count does not exceed your item count - this is called a filler item.
A note about coupon shopping etiquette
  • Don't be a shelf clearer - we all want to get the same deals you want so leave some for the rest of us!
  • As a courtesy to other shoppers, especially when shopping during peak times, please try to check out in one of the other store departments when possible; no one wants to wait in line while you have 5 different orders with tons of coupons.
  • Don't worry about other people's stares or comments, if they want to pay retail then let them but most of us do this to save money for our families and in some cases we do it because we have no other choice to survive - they don't know you or your situation so don't let them get under your skin. Just smile and be polite, they will eat their words and stares when they see your total.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Printing To The Extreme

Over the weekend I decided to splurge a little and get a new wifi capable printer so I could use both our desktop PC's and my laptop to print coupons from the couch, or the bedroom, where ever I want! I got a great deal and was so excited that it arrived today. LOVE free 2 day shipping from Amazon Prime, love love love it!

I got so wrapped up in setting it up and getting all the computers set up that I forgot to watch TLC's Extreme Couponing. Uh oh... coupon foul! I am having issues getting my laptop to connect, the one computer I thought would be the easiest! Everything else is working great though so I just have to show off the new printing, copying, scanning, faxing, auto-paper-feeding beast!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flat Iron Challenge

The other day while I was in the shower I was thinking about the new Walmart coupon policy (I pretty much always think about coupons - ask my husband) and how nifty it is that you can get overage for your coupons. It totally makes sense, I mean they get reimbursed for the full face value of the coupon so why shouldn't we get the full face value too?

As I was brushing my hair I remembered my coworker Angie saying she thought my hair would look nice straightened... but I lost my flat iron on one of my work trips to Chicago. That was my "Ah ha!" moment and the Flat Iron Challenge was born.

I decided to plan a trip to Walmart where my coupon overage would buy me a brand new flat iron! Here is the one I picked out for $22.99 (online price) and it says you don't even have to dry your hair first! Although I'm a little apprehensive about not drying my hair first, I am a lazy hair styler (pony tail most days) and it got great reviews on the wet function.

Sounds easy, right? Find some coupons that are more than an item and get cash back... in general yes its super easy, but trying to find $23 worth of overage at $0.02-0.15 a pop is freakin hard! So far I have a list of 55 items with a retail total of $91.89 and coupons totaling $110.00 for an overage of $18.11 - and I have a small list of possible money making coupons and a few others I need to check and see if I still have the coupons for. Hopefully they have the items I'm looking for, and they are still the same price since I'm not sure if some of the prices I've noted from other bloggers were sale prices.

I'm still looking for coupon overage deals and trying to make a game plan to make this go as smoothly as possible in-store. If you read the Walmart Coupon Policy the register will automatically prompt them to call a manager if any of the following occurs: 40 coupons per transaction, $50 or more in coupons per transaction, or any single coupon for $20 or more for one item. This means I will want to split my shopping into 3 separate transactions to keep it both under 40 items and $50 worth of coupons. This will be epic!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rollin' Rewards, Saved By Wags

Ever since the Target incident I've been more than a little apprehensive about coupon shopping. I keep thinking the cashiers are all going to think I'm doing something against the rules, or my coupons won't work, or all the deal items will be gone. I almost considered giving up on couponing *gasp*!

The thing is, I really enjoy looking for the deals and then figuring out how to make the most of my money and coupons. It keeps me busy, makes me happy, and saves my family a ton of money.

Shopping last night reminded me how much I love couponing and has restored a little of the confidence I lost after the Target fiasco.

Thanks again Lauren (Cosmetics at Walgreen's on Old 94 and Muegge in St. Charles) for being such a friendly and knowledgeable cashier and helping me get through all my crazy shopping orders! You helped me get back my passion for couponing and I'd love to help you get started!

Click here for a detailed list of my transactions and the coupons used or just browse the summary below!

Trip # 1 - 8 transactions (at two stores): total spent $2.75, total savings $107.56! Items not shown because we ate them (LOL): 1 large bag M&Ms and 1 chocolate covered Peep.

Trip # 2 - 5 transactions: total spent $2.15, total savings $60.13!

Side Trip: On my way home from work yesterday I stopped by CVS to see if they had any of my rain check items in and they finally did have the toothbrushes I wanted! So I snagged those up and paid $2.14 for all 4 (saved $16.86), used part of my ECBs to buy the bunnies, AND somehow walked out with $4 new ECBs!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Buy In Bulk, Therefore I Post In Bulk

Since I am a little behind in sharing my recent trips, I thought it would be a good idea to post in bulk.

I finally got my Target shopping done last weekend... on the last day my coupons were good through, despite being told I couldn't use my coupons one day and then being accused of coupon fraud the next day. Third (and fourth) time's the charm, right?

Target: Trip # 1 - I purchased the items shown below in addition to 4 Degree mens and 2 Secret travel size deodorant that I gave to my mother and two baby socks I gave to my coworker... for $0.02! (Not a typo, two cents.)

Trip # 2 - My total was $61.53, I used $20 GC from the STLPost subscription promotion for a total OOP of $41.35 and my total savings was $66.73. (Not shown: 4 Sobe Lifewater that I drank already.)

Walgreens: Transaction # 1 - Gillette Razor Paid $5.36 and received a $4 RR. Transaction # 2 - 6 light bulbs and 2 plates (cant find receipt), spent approx $3 using the $4 RR for the balance.

CVS: Transaction # 1 just before midnight - purchased the diapers and pringles, used $5 CVS coupon, $9 in ECB, & two $3 pampers coupons - paid $23.69, saved $33.61 and received $10 ECB. Transaction #2 just after midnight - purchased 4 Airwick, 1 candy egg, and 1 newspaper, used $10 ECB,  two $2 and two $4 airwick coupons - paid $2.42, saved $49.29, and received $10, $1 (GBT), and $0.74 ECB (used the $1.74 to buy hubby some candy that he ate so its not shown).

The Airwick deal is still going on this week, if you can find them in the stores. (If not, make sure you get a rain check and I always like to keep a copy of the ad with my rain checks for clarity.) Print four of the $4 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit coupons (you will need two computers) from, then purchase four of them for $8 and get a $10 ECB for a $2 money maker deal!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mad Princess & The Hunt For Purex Crystals

I have a great coupon stack for Target on the new Purex Crystals fabric softener. Seems like I am not the only one who has these since there have been none on the shelves for the last three weeks! I am dying to try this stuff out, its driving me crazy trying to figure out how it even works.
Lucky me was poking around on Facebook and happened to click on the Purex page just as Coupon Is a Verb posted a link to their giveaway for a coupon for a FREE Purex Crystals, woohoo! Drawing ends 4/11 at midnight, so hurry on over to the Coupon Is a Verb blog and enter to win!

Oh and there is also a $1 off coupon you can print from the Purex facebook page! The Target coupon is no longer available for a stack, but you can still get a pretty good deal if your store still has it on price cut for $2.99 with the $2 coupon from the 3/13 RP insert or the printable coupon above.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe

Catch a mean, cranky, old lady cashier by the toe? Unfortunately that is exactly what happened tonight. My choices were very limited, older lady with short hair and older lady with long hair.

I only had a few items and not a lot of complicated coupons (so I thought). I get to the register and the lady tells me that she cant take my coupons on the travel items I was purchasing, sets them on the counter, and told me to take it up with the manager because its against the store policy to accept them.

I was irritated since I knew it was not against the store policy and had her call the manager over. When the manager arrived she asks if the coupons didn't scan, so I promptly spoke up stating that she refused to even try. The manager told her to scan them and if they work to take them. The cashier rebutted that the coupons were for $1 and the item was only $0.99. Much to my delight the manger said "I'll explain it to you later" all the while the cashier is still muttering under her breath that its against the store policy.

They still wouldn't take 4 of my store coupons because the computer said the items didn't exist in my purchase when they clearly did... and even if they were taken off the, total was way too high. By then I'd had enough and instead of trying to go through everything line by line I asked them to void the transaction and return my coupons.

I've had some not so great trips before, but this trip by far takes the cake and goes down in my record books as the-worst-trip-EVER! I guess I'll try again in the morning.

This just serves as another reminder to make sure you know the store's coupon policy. Head over to my Coupon Policies page to read up on store coupon acceptance policies.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cleaning Up With Sweet Deals

For those of you not familiar with CVS Extra Care Bucks, one of the perks of shopping there and using the card is that every quarter you earn 2% of your spending back! Over the weekend I got my email notification that my $3.50 ECB was ready, and to top it off I got a $5 off $25 purchase coupon. Woohoo!

I decided since the $5 coupon expired today I better force myself to stop on the way home despite my throbbing toe. For everything you see below, and a few pieces of candy my husband devoured when I got home, I spent a total of $2.65, received $9 more in ECB and my total savings... $78.24!


Here is what I got and the corresponding coupons:

Transaction #1
I used my $3.50 winter spending ECB and paid $0.41 cash.

Price Coupons ECB Rec'd
2 Right Guard Total 5 Body Wash $3.88 x 2 B1G1 Free $3

Transaction #2
I used $5 off $25 coupon, $3 ECB from #1, $5 beauty club spending ECB, and $5 ECB from a couple weeks ago, and spent $2.24 cash.

Price Coupons ECB Rec'd
3 Softsoap Refills 3 for $9 (3) -$0.50 $3
1 Alcohol Swabs $1.79 Gift (Diabetes Club)
1 Dawn Dish Soap $0.99 -$0.50
2 Travel Size Herbal Essences $0.99 x 2 (2) -$1
1 Travel Size Pantene $1.29

4 Pringles 3 for $4 (2) -$1 on 2
3 Reeses Eggs 2 for $1

4 Snickers Eggs 2 for $1 (2) -$1 on 2
4 Oral-B Power Toothbrush* $5.99 x 4 (2) -$3 & (2) B1G1 Free $6
* I had a rain check from the sale about a month ago with a $3 ECB deal (limit of 2) and used my (now expired) coupons from February

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sticking It To The Budget

Last week and so far this week have been pretty good for deal hunting and I think I've done pretty darn good keeping it within budget. In fact I might even have leftover budget! Sorry husband, that does not mean you can buy Duke Nukem or whatever other video game you are drooling over today.

Thursday's score at CVS:
1 Facial Buff, 4 Purex 3-in-1, 2 Gain Dish Liquid, 2 Coke 2L, and 3 Coke 12pk (not shown). I spent $9.47 after coupons and ECB's, and received $5 ECB for next time. Apparently I saved $50.07, and $25.58 of that was coupons/ECB!

I also scored a $6 Physician's Formula coupon from the kiosk!

After that, I ran to Walgreen's to grab 4 Irish Spring deodorant that was free after coupons and RR for my brother-in-law-in-law, then I used the RR to buy 3 Kraft Deluxe that was on sale, and a bunch of Easter Candy. I think I spent $9. Why, oh why, does the candy have such a hold on me?

Saturday's Shopping Trip: Target deals for last week weren't very thrilling, but I had a small list and huge stack of expiring soon coupons so I just wandered around the store with husband in tow.

We got 2 Mountain Dew 12pks, 2 Tostitos Chips, 1 Dip, 1 Sierra Mist 2L, 1 Jug Apple Cider (clearance!), 2 TGIF Appetizers, 2 Up&Up ibuprofen, 2 Up&Up dryer sheets, 2 Dentyne Pure 3pks, 1 Shout Wipes Travel Size, 2 Scrubbing Bubbles cleaners, and 1 Clorox 2. This time I handed over my coupons one by one and made sure each one scanned.

Our total was $31.94 and the receipt says we saved $31.78, and since their receipts are completely illogically organized... lets just go with that - nearly 50% savings!

After we got home from Target I wanted to go back to CVS and exchange my highly overpriced, ill-thought-out purchase of Coke 12pks from earlier this week. I put together a quick list from the new ad and grabbed some coupons for some Midnight Shopping!

When I arrived and scanned my card I was pleasantly surprised with a $5 ECB from the magic coupon kiosk for my winter beauty spending, woohoo!

First I bought the Renu contact solution with a $5 coupon from, and paid $8.58 on my FSA card and got $3 ECB. Since I plan ahead for contact supplies on my FSA card I don't count this as an out-of-pocket expense.

I'm proud of my next purchase because I mostly figured this deal out all by myself! I bought 12 Cottonelle Fresh Wipes on sale 3 for $4 and used 6 $1 off 2 printable coupons (or here for Firefox users). These are part of an ECB deal when you spend $15 on various household products you get a $5 ECB. I get confused sometimes and didn't think of using the $5 ECB I got from the kiosk! My total spent was $5.37, I saved $39.68, and got a $5 ECB.

If you don't have extra ECB to use, you can still print 6 of the coupons (you will need access to 3 computers) and get them for $0.83 each after coupons or $0.42 each after coupons and ECB!

My final transaction was for 2 Ritz Crackers, 2 Wheat Thins, 7 Coke 2L, 1 Dawn dish soap, 1 24pk Nestle Pure Life water, and 1 Physicians Formula eye shadow. I used the rest of my ECB's from the previous week, plus the $5 ECB from the last transaction, the $6 off Physicians Formula coupon I got Thursday, and a $5 off $25 coupon I got in my email. I didn't have enough to also use the $5 ECB from the kiosk so I just held onto it. I'm always shopping at CVS so it wont go to waste. My total spent was $3.09 and total savings of $42.28 plus I got a $5 ECB.

Grand total for CVS ended up being $8.46, saved $81.96, and walked out with $10 ECB.

Stuff You Don't Wanna Miss

In the spirit of sharing I wanted to throw together a quick list of some of the recent printable links and links to the coveted P&G coupon booklets. These all came from the various coupon blogs that I religiously read, links provided below. 

FREE P&G Coupon Books links from Clippin' with Carie, and yes you can request it once from each link!

Dawn P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
Cascade P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
Mr. Clean P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
Febreze P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
Swiffer P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
Olay P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book

Mall/Retail Printable Coupons - My Favorites
Click here to read the whole article from Clippin' with Carie

AMC – Free popcorn with any drink purchase Exp 3/24
Bath & Body Works - FREE Travel Size Signature Item (up to $5) with ANY purchase. Exp 3/23
Mid Rivers Mall – Find Store Coupons HERE
Chesterfield Mall – Find Store Coupons HERE
West County Center – Find Store Coupons HERE

Restaurant Freebies/Coupons - My Favorites
Click here to read the whole article from STL Mommy!

Chili’s Free Chips & Queso
Del Taco Free Shrimp Taco with any purchase
Einstein Bros $4 Off Bagel Bucket
Hardees Free Carmel Crumb Biscuit with breakfast combo purchase
Texas Roadhouse Free Appetizer
T.G.I. Fridays Save 25% On Your Entire Purchase
Waffle House Free Waffle
White Castle Purchase a Saver Sack or Sack Meal for a free Fish Slider or Nibblers

Target Weekly Deals
There are so many, too many, to mention so click here to go read the coupon match-up from Totally Target.

All of the above mentioned blogs have tons of awesome information, if you havent subscribed to them or "Like"ed them on Facebook yet... what are you waiting for?!?!!?! Don't forget to "Like" me while you're there too!

Stay tuned for a special post coming soon - "Couponing For Dummies (like me)"!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Much to my disbelief my sister-in-law finally decided to come shopping with me. It was lots of fun to have her along, but I'm not sure her wallet agrees! 

First she wasn't buying anything, then it was maybe some knee-highs, then it was oh sure Ill get some lady products, then she wanted peeps but also had to get a nummy for her hubby and came back with no peeps and some weird egg laying chicken thing... and then while we were in the checkout line she spotted some popcorn that she had to run off and get.

That was the most ADD shopping I have ever seen in my life, very entertaining though.

I was a tiny bit more organized with my shopping trip. First, I bought the diapers in two separate transactions, spent $12.89 each (saved $8 each), so I could get two $3 Register Rewards.

Then I bought everything else, with coupons and my $6 in Register Rewards... and due to some last minute additions, forgetting a coupon, and a slight miscalculation I did spend $3.77 out of pocket... but still saved $32.20!
The Dawn smell in yellow is pretty yummy too, pineapple something!

What I Got
4 Jumbo Pack Pampers
4 Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste
1 Dawn Dish Soap
3 PediaCare Children's Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer
4 Knee-Highs
1 Pack Scrubby Sponge Things

What deals have you scored at Walgreen's recently?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hungry Monster Strikes

Do not grocery shop when you're hungry! Sounds like good advice, right? Sometimes you just cant avoid it... like today. I had a late breakfast, missed lunch, left a few minutes early for a doctor's appointment, and went straight to the store with my tummy growling. My $25-30 shopping trip turned into nearly $100 and that is why "they" say you shouldn't shop hungry, and I believe "them"!

I joined the Smart Shopper Club over at Save-a-Lot and got my $5 off $25 purchase coupon so I decided to grab some things on the way home.

Some things quickly turned into practically one of everything in the store! I got some meatballs, some frozen dinners/lunches, some crackers, some screamin cheese (so good!), some fruit, some macaroni and cheese, some jello and pudding, some chicken nuggets, some cheese, and lots of other some things. At least now I wont have to go grocery shopping for some time!

On the bright side I was able to scope out more of the special buys still available at my store. It pays to shop around, so don't forget to check other local retail or grocery stores for their prices and specials before you buy. Here's a few of the deals with any matching coupons I could find:

Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.99
January 2 RedPlum $1.00 off

Act II Microwave Popcorn 3pk $1.49
February 27 SmartSource $0.55 off

Prego Pasta Sauce 2 for $3.00
January 2 SmartSource $0.35 off 2

General Mills Cereals $2.49
Various on

Yakisoba Asian Noodles $0.49
January 2 SmartSource $0.50 off

Philadelphia Orig Cream Cheese $1.19

Hungry Jack Potatos $1.00

Ocean Spray Juices $1.88

Hunts Snack Pack Pudding $0.99

Green Giant Canned Veggies $0.59

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Stores, and a Headache... Part 3

Target is becoming one of my favorite places to shop... I just wish the darn cashiers could figure out the coupons. Twice in the last week, Ive WATCHED that stupid register and they still managed to muck up the coupons (and its always the big ones, like my $5 off 12 Weight Watchers coupon and my B1G1 Swiffer refill).

Luckily I've have the good fortune of being neurotic (or stupid) enough to decode their idiotic receipts and the ability to persuade the manager to give me credit even though I didn't come back on the same day.

After all that... I think I made out pretty good. Check out my booty (Argh)! After my coupon refund I paid $26.52 which was a savings of $60.81 in-coupons-thank-you-very-much.


Three Stores, and a Headache... Part 2

Walgreen's has some pretty good RR deals this week, and I planned out this big elaborate list with 11 different transactions. I was going to hit the jackpot with this week's specials.... until I went to four different Walgreen's and couldn't find the stupid Motrin that was on sale. According to one of the store managers there was recently a big recall on Motrin and that's why they were out. I don't know if I believe that considering the Motrin that wasn't on sale was still in plenty of stock. Bitches.

I did manage to get a few things on my list that didn't require a RR to get a good deal on, and unfortunately didn't produce one either. Thanks to Clippin' With Carie for the heads up on this deal.

I paid only $0.51 for all that, can you believe it?? I wish you could get the same deal, but some of the coupons I used expired already, but if you need throat drops and tissues, its still a great deal even without the Vicks $1 coupons.

5 Vicks Cough Drops @ 2/$1.79 = $4.48 (bought 5 to avoid dreaded register beeps!)
4 Puffs @ $1.79 (or some are $1.49)
Use 4 $1 off Vicks Product Coupons Jan 16 or Jan 30 P&G (expired 2/28)
Use 4 Buy 1 Vicks Product get Puffs Free Coupon Feb 27 P&G

If you do this deal now without the Vicks $1 coupons, just buy 4 of the Vicks drops and you'll spend just  $3.58 (plus tax) for 4 Vicks Drops and 4 Puffs Tissues!