Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Buy In Bulk, Therefore I Post In Bulk

Since I am a little behind in sharing my recent trips, I thought it would be a good idea to post in bulk.

I finally got my Target shopping done last weekend... on the last day my coupons were good through, despite being told I couldn't use my coupons one day and then being accused of coupon fraud the next day. Third (and fourth) time's the charm, right?

Target: Trip # 1 - I purchased the items shown below in addition to 4 Degree mens and 2 Secret travel size deodorant that I gave to my mother and two baby socks I gave to my coworker... for $0.02! (Not a typo, two cents.)

Trip # 2 - My total was $61.53, I used $20 GC from the STLPost subscription promotion for a total OOP of $41.35 and my total savings was $66.73. (Not shown: 4 Sobe Lifewater that I drank already.)

Walgreens: Transaction # 1 - Gillette Razor Paid $5.36 and received a $4 RR. Transaction # 2 - 6 light bulbs and 2 plates (cant find receipt), spent approx $3 using the $4 RR for the balance.

CVS: Transaction # 1 just before midnight - purchased the diapers and pringles, used $5 CVS coupon, $9 in ECB, & two $3 pampers coupons - paid $23.69, saved $33.61 and received $10 ECB. Transaction #2 just after midnight - purchased 4 Airwick, 1 candy egg, and 1 newspaper, used $10 ECB,  two $2 and two $4 airwick coupons - paid $2.42, saved $49.29, and received $10, $1 (GBT), and $0.74 ECB (used the $1.74 to buy hubby some candy that he ate so its not shown).

The Airwick deal is still going on this week, if you can find them in the stores. (If not, make sure you get a rain check and I always like to keep a copy of the ad with my rain checks for clarity.) Print four of the $4 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit coupons (you will need two computers) from, then purchase four of them for $8 and get a $10 ECB for a $2 money maker deal!

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