Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe

Catch a mean, cranky, old lady cashier by the toe? Unfortunately that is exactly what happened tonight. My choices were very limited, older lady with short hair and older lady with long hair.

I only had a few items and not a lot of complicated coupons (so I thought). I get to the register and the lady tells me that she cant take my coupons on the travel items I was purchasing, sets them on the counter, and told me to take it up with the manager because its against the store policy to accept them.

I was irritated since I knew it was not against the store policy and had her call the manager over. When the manager arrived she asks if the coupons didn't scan, so I promptly spoke up stating that she refused to even try. The manager told her to scan them and if they work to take them. The cashier rebutted that the coupons were for $1 and the item was only $0.99. Much to my delight the manger said "I'll explain it to you later" all the while the cashier is still muttering under her breath that its against the store policy.

They still wouldn't take 4 of my store coupons because the computer said the items didn't exist in my purchase when they clearly did... and even if they were taken off the, total was way too high. By then I'd had enough and instead of trying to go through everything line by line I asked them to void the transaction and return my coupons.

I've had some not so great trips before, but this trip by far takes the cake and goes down in my record books as the-worst-trip-EVER! I guess I'll try again in the morning.

This just serves as another reminder to make sure you know the store's coupon policy. Head over to my Coupon Policies page to read up on store coupon acceptance policies.

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