Friday, May 13, 2011

What's That? You Don't Have Time To Coupon??

It's a sad excuse I hear so often, and I admit it was mine at first too. The past couple week's shopping trips, especially yesterday and today, should be a shining example of how much money you can save if you put in a little effort. It only takes one trip to get hooked, so what are you waiting for?

Last night I ran by Walgreen's on my way home and here is what I picked up for $3.33 (savings of $31.09). I started out with $3 RR from the other day and used my coupon for FREE John Freida foam hair color and got $2 more in RR that I used with my coupon to pay only about $1 for the razor. Then I got the $5 RR for buying the razor that I used to pay for most of the toilet paper! Oh yeah, and I got another $3 RR to use later!

I originally had a much larger list, but a few of the items on it either weren't sold at my store or someone was really confused when they did the match up. Lucky for me I forgot to print my list so I took my laptop in with me and was able to move things around on the spreadsheet and make them work. For this trip I started out with $16 in ECB from various trips in April and my $5 off $25 coupon. I spent a grand total of $0.55 and left with $17 in ECB! That's $101.76 in savings! Also on my receipt my YTD savings... $747.47.

Anyone need some air freshener?

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