Sunday, May 8, 2011

Letting Husband Do The Cooking

I've been busy trying to stock up on juice and protein bars and protein shakes, I realized that when Im on a liquid or mostly liquid diet I am not going to feel like cooking food for my husband that I cant even eat... so I've also started trying to stock up on easy food my husband can cook for himself. I've spent quite a lot already this week, but my deep freeze is better than half full again so thats nice.

I don't have a picture of my grocery trip but according to my receipt from Schnucks I saved $115.62 and spent $101.70 (53%) for 90 items (thats like getting everything for only $1.13 each)! The cart was overflowing, it was awesome.

This morning I ran to Dierbergs for a few things and picked up 10 Propel water, 2 2lb Strawberry crates, 1 Wholly Queso, 5 Coke 2L, and 1 Sundrop 2L for $12.50. I dont know what I saved because the receipt doesnt show it, but I had $11.99 (49%) in coupons.

I still haven't made it to Shop and Save, where I plan to get a ton of Lean Pockets for his lunches, and Im kicking myself for not making it on Thursday since I have a list of about $75 worth of stuff (AFTER coupons).

Stay tuned for another totally freaking awesome Walgreen's trip in my next post.

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