Thursday, February 3, 2011

Four Walgreens and a Target

As you may have gathered from my last post, I got really excited about the Walgreens deals this week! So excited that I stayed up all night Saturday checking out all the other store's deals, making lists, printing coupons, clipping coupons, and planning my transactions.

I slept most of the day Sunday and did not feel like shopping. I almost forgot I had a lot of coupons that expired on Jan 31! Major coupon foul!!! I made sure I grabbed all my coupons Monday morning, and despite all the weather reports, I had to get my shopping done. The weather actually wasn't all that bad.

Four Walgreen's later... I got a huge bag of stuff! You can read about the contents in my last post. I didn't feel like setting it all out, so here is a crappy picture. I got an extra box of turtles and several Valentine novelties and candies, but haven't bought the pillow yet but I have $20 in Register Rewards!! I don't remember my exact totals but I saved something like $125, I will check the receipts and update this later, I had $25 cash and I have some change left so I was pretty much right on target.

Speaking of Target... I dont remember everything I bought, but I know I got a lot of candy for Valentine's day, a couple Garnier face items, cereal, lots of cheese, trash bags, chips, free salsa, 5 Olay body wash, 4 free Secret deodorant, Pringles, a goodie for me, fabric softener sheets, and a bunch of other stuff. I spent $91.73 and saved $73.06!

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