Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Stores, and a Headache... Part 2

Walgreen's has some pretty good RR deals this week, and I planned out this big elaborate list with 11 different transactions. I was going to hit the jackpot with this week's specials.... until I went to four different Walgreen's and couldn't find the stupid Motrin that was on sale. According to one of the store managers there was recently a big recall on Motrin and that's why they were out. I don't know if I believe that considering the Motrin that wasn't on sale was still in plenty of stock. Bitches.

I did manage to get a few things on my list that didn't require a RR to get a good deal on, and unfortunately didn't produce one either. Thanks to Clippin' With Carie for the heads up on this deal.

I paid only $0.51 for all that, can you believe it?? I wish you could get the same deal, but some of the coupons I used expired already, but if you need throat drops and tissues, its still a great deal even without the Vicks $1 coupons.

5 Vicks Cough Drops @ 2/$1.79 = $4.48 (bought 5 to avoid dreaded register beeps!)
4 Puffs @ $1.79 (or some are $1.49)
Use 4 $1 off Vicks Product Coupons Jan 16 or Jan 30 P&G (expired 2/28)
Use 4 Buy 1 Vicks Product get Puffs Free Coupon Feb 27 P&G

If you do this deal now without the Vicks $1 coupons, just buy 4 of the Vicks drops and you'll spend just  $3.58 (plus tax) for 4 Vicks Drops and 4 Puffs Tissues!

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