Schnucks Coupon Policy

I sent an email to the Schnucks Consumer Affairs department to get clarifiction on their corporate coupon policy. This is the response that I received. Coupon policies are subject to change so its always a good idea to verify that the same policy is still in place prior to your shopping trip.

Consumer Affairs <> Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 9:13 AM 

Our Metro St. Louis stores in both Missouri and Illinois offer double coupons everyday on coupons valued at $.40 or less. There is a limit of 15 coupons doubled per order.

Each item may only have one coupon applied to it and coupons that exceed the cost of the item are redeemed equal to the cost of the item. There is a limit of two Buy One Get One Free items with the purchase of two and we reserve the right to limit quantities.

Also included is our policy on internet/home-printed coupons listed

As with all manufacturer's coupons, only one coupon per item can be

Internet/home-printed coupons for FREE products will not be accepted.

Internet/home-printed coupons with a value greater than $5.00 will not be accepted.

We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any coupon that does not appear to be an original and/or any coupon that does not scan properly.

If you have questions about any other element of our coupon policy, please don't hesitate speak to our store management team.

Gilbert Tiemann
Consumer Affairs Representative
Schnuck Markets, Inc.